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BOONVILLE — Bringing in their second consecutive win of the season, the Ashe County High School men’s varsity basketball team hailed victory against the Starmount Rams on Jan. 7.

The second game of the season took place at Starmount High School where the Huskies, now 2-0 in their conference, took home a win, 54-50.

The first half opened strong with the Huskies gaining the first points of the game. {/span}Senior Ethan Ashley aided his team in scoring the first points. Going further, fellow teammate Austin Poe gained a 3-pointer for the Huskies within the first minute.

The Rams held strong defensive strategies by turning rebounds into quick points. Although, fouls were called, allowing the Huskies to withhold possession of the ball for more extended periods of time and ultimately gaining points through foul shots. The first quarter ended in an 11 point difference, 22-11 with Ashe on top.

The second quarter allowed sophomore Jake Grubb to show his skillful ball handling and quick movements, raising the scoreboard for the Huskies. In a turnover, the player dribbled the ball through his component’s legs which allowed a fast paced score on Ashe’s side.

The energy in the gymnasium was heightened after the play and both teams were charged by it, the Rams minimizing the score gap throughout quarter. Ending in a closer range, 30-27, the Huskies remained on top in the first half.

Beginning the second half, the odds were in the Rams favor as they continued to close the gap in score. The team gained foul shots and turnovers as the Huskies began to slow down the pace in their offensive strategies. However, the Huskies began to pick up their speed and gain a further lead through foul shots and quick layups. The third closed with the score being 42-35.

The final minutes of the game consisted of tense power between the rivaling teams and neither let up on their strive to win.

Six-foot-5 Husky Dawson Cox used his height to attain greater scores for his team, catching rebounds and intercepting the ball when given the chance. The player also gained two technical foul shots, abiding his team towards victory.

The game ended 54-50 with another Husky win.

The Ashe County High School Men’s Varsity basketball team will play on their home court against North Wilkes on Jan. 12 at 6:30 p.m.

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