WEST JEFFERSON — The hustling Huskies remain strong as they defeated the Wilkes Central Eagles on March 19 in a homecoming game for the books, leaving the field with a 42-6 win.

As the time clock rang for Friday night football, dominance was certain throughout the Husky stadium as fans filled the bleachers and cheerleaders began spreading the team spirit.

The game began with the ball in Ashe’s possession, quarterback Dawson Cox making his way down the field quickly gaining back-to-back first downs for the Huskies through elite wide receivers Austin Poe and Keenan Witherspoon.

With only one turnover in the first four minutes, the Huskies received a punt, ultimately making their way back down the field closer to the end-zone.

On a second-and-eight play only a few yards from the goal, running back Matthew Peterson found himself in an open field, gaining the perfect opportunity for a successful catch from Cox. Dodging his defenders, he made his way across the goal line for a Husky Touchdown.

Only three minutes later, Witherspoon took a 20-yard midfield pass from Cox and headed straight into the Husky end-zone.

Poe took an even bigger pass from the Husky quarterback near the Eagles’ 40-yard line with only 35 seconds left in the first quarter. With skillful hands and quick feet, Poe crossed the goal line for yet another Husky touchdown, leaving the first quarter 21-0.

The second quarter saw no gains for either team, aside from an incredible interception from Poe and an incomplete touchdown call from a Witherspoon catch and the score remained with a 21-point lead.

After halftime, the pack came back out with an even greater strive to win and regained possession of the ball as defense often pushed the Eagles to fourth-down situations.

Cox faked a hand-off with eight minutes left in the third quarter and ran on a second-and-two straight into the end-zone.

The Eagles attempted a comeback towards the end of the third, however, gaining six points through their first touchdown.

Poe took yet another run to the goal line as he caught a pass from Cox on the Huskies 40-yard line and gained the fifth touchdown of the night.

To end the game, Cox held onto the ball for the final touchdown of the night, attempting and succeeding at a two-point conversion through Poe, leaving the homecoming game 42-6.

The Huskies will travel to East Wilkes on March 26 to kick-off at 6:30 p.m.

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