WEST JEFFERSON — The Ashe County Huskies soccer team won two on the bounce after slipping up against Mount Airy (13-0) Sept. 19, picking up a dominant win over North Wilkes (7-4) and a penalty shoot-out win over Wilkes Central (3-8).

The Huskies faced the Vikings Sept. 23, winning via the mercy rule in the 9-0 game. The home game featured a hat-trick from Trent Baker and a brace from Cristian Ramos. Also scoring in the rout were Max Pacheco, Dylan Short, Alex Luna and Ramces Lopez.

Only two days later, the team traveled to Wilkes Central for a tight affair with the Eagles. Baker again found his name on the score sheet, but the 1-1 conference game had to go to penalties to determine a winner.

Montana Lopez, Ramos, Short, Shawn Bast a Justin Lopez all scored their kicks from the spot, while goalkeeper Isaac Miller made the one save the team needed to win 5-4.

The team returned to West Jefferson Monday, Sept. 30 for a match-up with the East Wilkes Cardinals (2-7-2). No game would come, as a thunderstorm did instead. Delay after delay lead to 6:30 p.m., more than hour after the planned kick-off, where the game was finally called. It was rescheduled for the next day, Tuesday, Oct. 1. Results were not available at presstime.

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