Tennis Clinic

Tatum Brown, Elizabeth Wallace, Ashley Dollar, Sarah Corley, Jake Reavis and more pose at the Annual Ashe County Tennis Clinic, run by Larry Dix.

JEFFERSON — The Annual Ashe County Tennis Clinic was held June 3-6 at the Ashe Park tennis courts, as the Ashe County High School courts are under construction.

“I am very pleased with the turnout of my annual tennis camp,” Camp Organizer Larry Dix said. “I was a little anxious prior to camp, because I was not able to use the high school courts due to resurfacing and we would be moving to Ashe Park which has only two relatively new courts. I did not know if a change of locations would impact attendance and also I would have to adjust to playing on 2 courts.”

Dix, who has been the head tennis coach for boys and girls at ACHS since 2011, said 16 participants came each night to the elementary and middle school aged sessions. Additionally, 20 more participants came to the high school sessions.

“I ended up having to put up a pickle ball net on a basketball court to help separate and accommodate the younger players,” Dix said. “The weather cooperated for the most part. We were able to get in three of the four nights and have one to make up.”

Dix, who was helped by college-level players and former ACHS athletes, said he was pleased with the turnout.

“I hope that the community will get behind this sport and help establish getting players started younger, like in other sports,” Dix said. “I hope to get club tennis started at Parks and Recreation and also to get a middle school team established.”

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