MILLERS CREEK — With only one game left in the conference, the Ashe County High School Husky pack looks toward an undefeated football season as they brought home another demolishing win, 55-6, against the West Wilkes Blackhawks on April 1.

In a blow-out win, mixed with high intensity and a trickle of snow, the Huskies made their mark on the West Wilkes field and secured a champion title in the MVAC conference.

With the first kick of the game, Ashe dominance was asserted as the Blackhawks found themselves unable to keep up with the Husky offense.

The first quarter was stretched onto the field as both teams had received returns, but neither made it past the goal line.

As the clock ticked down to four minutes, quarterback Dawson Cox threw to wide receiver Austin Poe for the first Husky touchdown of the night.

The returning punt didn’t slow the pack, Timothy Peterson quickly recovered a fumbled ball on the Husky 20-yard line, a great set up for another touchdown.

Peterson ran through the end zone with only two minutes and two seconds left in the first, finally ending the 12 minutes with 14-0.

Beginning the second quarter, West Wilkes took their previous placement close to their goal line to their advantage and scored a touchdown only eight seconds in.

The newfound score didn’t shake the Huskies as Cesar Martinez took an incredible interception and ran straight into Ashe’s end zone, setting the field and bleachers on fire through his play.

At halftime, the field was left to a 21-6 game, victory presenting itself slowly.

After returning to the field, Poe caught a touchdown pass from Cox with nine minutes left in the third, sophomore Bryant Blevins recovering a fumbled ball after the returning punt.

Cox ran for the next touchdown on a third and goal only minutes after gaining repossession.

The hot streak gained ground as Poe got his hands on an interception only minutes after the Blackhawks regained possession, running from the 50-yard line into another Husky touchdown.

JJ Mannan ran a 60-yard touchdown in the final minutes of the third, bringing the score to 49-6.

After nearly two hours of one of their best games of the season, Cox tossed the reins to sophomore Wesley Thompson as he stepped in as quarterback for the remainder of the game.

Thompson threw his first touchdown of the season to senior Jacob Miller, leaving the snowy field 55-6 and securing the champion title.

The Huskies will play their final game in their home stadium on April 9 at 6:30 p.m. and the seniors will also be honored as they hang up their helmets for the end of the conference season.

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