WEST JEFFERSON — The Ashe County High School Track & Field Team made marks in the tri-match with West Wilkes and Alleghany on May 20.

In the Girls 4x800 meter relay, Ashe came in first against West, gaining a total of six points and a time of 12:11.94. In first was Lacie Allen, followed by Hannely Bautista in second, Lauren Church in third and Abby McClure in fourth.

In the Boys 4x800 meter relay, Ashe was the only one to place with a total of six points and a time of 10:27.51. Eli Randolph placed first, Josh Roten placed second, Joseph Cary came in third and Noah Farmer came in fourth.

Next up was the Girls 100 meter hurdles, where Ashe placed second and third. Emma Durr came in second with a time of 18.36 and Katlyn French came just behind in third with 18.66.

Ashe came out in first in the Boys 110 meter hurdles with Mason Carpenter who had a time of 18.41. Cary and Andrew Worley placed fourth and fifth with times of 21.02 and 21.20.

Emmi Cheek led the team in first for the girls 100 meter dash with a time of 13.39. Jezik Martin placed fourth with 14.11. In sixth, Gabby Harmon had a time of 14.41. Coming in eighth was Durr with 14.65. Josie Russell placed tenth with 14.80, followed by Abilene Dollar in 11th with 15.22 and Alyson Efrid in 12th with 16.17.

The boys 100 meter dash was also successful for Ashe with Cesar Martinez placing first with a time of 11.66. Elijah Wood placed eighth with 14.39.

In the Girls 4x200 meter relay, Ashe came in second to West Wilkes with a total of four points and a time of 1:56.37. Bella Powers finished first for Ashe followed by Harmon, Martin and Maggie Powers.

The boys took the win in their 4x200 meter relay with six points and a time of 1:38.66.

Senior Jernee Ashley placed first in the girls 400 meter dash with a time of 1:05.71. Alexis Blevins placed third with 1:09.41 followed by Claudia Acevedo in fourth with 1:09.69.

Neil Pate was the only boy to place in the boys 400 meter dash with a fourth place title and a time of 56.13.

French came in second in the girls 300 meter hurdles with 50.15. Cheek came in third with 53.04 and Durr came in fourth with 59.44.

Carpenter and Benjamin Cary came first and second in the boys 300 meter hurdles. Carpenter took a time of 45.80 and Cary held 46.92.

In the boys 800 meter run, Randolph placed second with 2:24.27.

Cheek placed first in the girls 200 meter dash with 27.76. Following in fourth and fifth were Maggie Powers and French with times of 28.90 and 29.39.

The girls got a total of 134 points overall coming in first while the boys got 104.5, placing second.

The MVAC Track & Field Conference Championship Meet will take place at West Wilkes at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 25 followed by day 2 on May 26.

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