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WEST JEFFERSON — Local entrepreneurs, employees and personalities gathered to celebrate Ashe Post & Times‘ Best in Ashe County 2018 at Wes…

ASHE COUNTY — With a fresh 365 days ahead and new calendars at the ready, Ashe County governmental bodies are prepared for another year at the…

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Luke Weir

Hello @buckmtntnchapel,
This link ( works fine on our end -- make sure you scroll down to the "Related" subheading, and click on "Public meeting map Alternative 1" and "Public meeting map Alt…

Luke Weir

Hey y'all,
Seems the images ran a bit small on our viewer, but if you right-click them and select "open in new tab," they will open full-sized for you to check out. OR, grab a hard copy from the Ashe Arts Center!
Hoping everyone has a nice weekend. [smile]